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  • Any Indian citizen who is an active employee of a limited company MNC, Public or Private and between the ages of 24-58 is eligible for a loan from PayMe India.
  • Meeting the criteria for basic documentation is a must to apply for any type of loan. When you intend to apply for a loan at PayMe India, you will need to provide all the required documents, depending on a number of factors such as your service / profession, income and loan requirements.
  • Only after you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria for the loan can you enjoy an attractive interest rate on a loan. Moreover, the interest rate to be charged on your loan is at the sole discretion of the bank.
  • When you take a loan from PayMe India, you’ll be given a convenient option to repay your loan amount over a fixed term period. You will repay the lent sum by feasible EMIs that can be reliably measured using our Loan EMI Calculator.
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